Tuesday, February 9, 2010

A Little Hope

In mid-January, I met up with my two close friends (lovers) to do shopping. After 2 hours of shopping we all got hungry and decided to have a quick snack in McDonalds. Each of us had our value meal inclusive of Cheese Burger, Fries and Coke, plus her favourite Plain Ice Cream in Cone.
While we are in the middle of discussing some important notes, I saw a boy (he might be mixed Chinese, Kadazan or Duson) barefooted and kept strolling all over and over again around the area outside McDonalds' extension place. I was distructed by his behaviour. I can see how brave he was, he wasn't shy at all. At first I thought he was with someone so I watched him going to an emptied corner table. He sat for awhile. His eyes are rolling and looking to each of the tables including us. Then he suddenly stand up, walked straight passing my side and begun eating the leftover foods while drinking the coke.
I was hurt just to watched how hungry he was. I started talking to him. I asked him not to continue eating the leftover and offered my own food. He made a glance and straight away took my food without even saying a word. When our hands touched, it was cold as ice. He then started eating again and finished drinking the coke. He stood up once again and this time he took the leftovers he could find on each table that he passes, put it on the plastic and went off.
After 15 minutes, he was back again but there were no more foods in his hands nor drinks. He started taking and taking more leftovers and people was just staring at him. Nobody shared their own foods even at least a small amount that they could offer.

"Until these days, there are still a few of parents who let their kids roam around, not taking care of them. They are suppose to be in school not inside the malls, not along the streets working for everyday survival and not even along the rubbish bins looking for cans, cartons, papers and other items that still can be sell.
Young people are supposed to be nurtured for their better future. This generations are supposed to be guided. They make a family but could not attain to be a good father and mother. Why getting pregnant if you can't let the
"innocent child" have a good future? God didn't told us to multiply and left them behind this world full of arrogance, wicked and temptations!
I hope that one day these kids would understand what its like to be a real mother/father and to have a loving family and not letting them go like what they have experienced from their own pasts."

Saturday, May 31, 2008

Gifts of Life

It was an amazing reality when you face gifts of life and not thinking of it as a hindrances nor foolish it may seem to know for somewhat purpose it will driven to your humanity. How could we really get through it? How could we actually get rid of it? How could we succumb it without asking Him "WHY"? The first main reason why we are having GIFTS OF LIFE because God wanted us to be with HIM. Stay CONNECTED on HIM. The second reason was facing it for a reality changes. Reality changes means practicality of not depending on other people's mind. Getting and facing it with FAITH that we actually can do it. The third reason is actually PERSEVERANCE and TRUST to GOD alone and self. That would be the way then, that we could feel that we are not facing trials nor even that we couldn't do it because indeed, we can. It's life reality and not a fact or pros. Have a soulful prayer and meditation for us to be strong.

Prayer is the soul’s breathing itself into the bosom of its heavenly Father.

~ Thomas Watson

Friday, May 30, 2008

The Gift of Motherhood

God created every inch in His own hand works. It was really amazing when you realize the possibilities of which most of the people may think it was IMPOSSIBLE. Most of the women would think negatively of being pregnant either not prepared or abort it because of WHAT IF Facts: afraid to face the reality (your body might not be in a good shape..etc..), afraid of rumours, afraid of everthing else. Some of the women with or without husband are having a hard time finding somebody who could bare a baby in their womb since they can't get pregnant. But to others, its just a fun. Have a one night stand, get pregnant then abort it. But what would really be your first reaction the moment you'll know your having a baby, " Yes, finally I'll be a mother!" or "oh my God, it can't be. I have to abort it"? Just think of it ladies. Babies are angels, it wasn't their fault to be inside your womb. It was you who have made a mistake. The baby should not suffer the consequences you have made. You really don't need to be crucial after all. Abortion is not the solution. If you think your not ready and can't bare the child's protection and daily needs, ask for help from the society. Surrender it to your family, relatives or to Child's Care. Its a huge sin to abort an innocent fetus (your killing your own baby). We may have lots of hindrances to face but think that HINDRANCES are GIFTS and NOT TORTURING ourselves. Life couldn't be called LIFE if there is no hindrances. Motherhood, is one of the best gift you'll ever have in life. Neverthless, face the reality and you while find it amazing. That is life. Hindrances is doppelganger of happiness.