Friday, May 30, 2008

The Gift of Motherhood

God created every inch in His own hand works. It was really amazing when you realize the possibilities of which most of the people may think it was IMPOSSIBLE. Most of the women would think negatively of being pregnant either not prepared or abort it because of WHAT IF Facts: afraid to face the reality (your body might not be in a good shape..etc..), afraid of rumours, afraid of everthing else. Some of the women with or without husband are having a hard time finding somebody who could bare a baby in their womb since they can't get pregnant. But to others, its just a fun. Have a one night stand, get pregnant then abort it. But what would really be your first reaction the moment you'll know your having a baby, " Yes, finally I'll be a mother!" or "oh my God, it can't be. I have to abort it"? Just think of it ladies. Babies are angels, it wasn't their fault to be inside your womb. It was you who have made a mistake. The baby should not suffer the consequences you have made. You really don't need to be crucial after all. Abortion is not the solution. If you think your not ready and can't bare the child's protection and daily needs, ask for help from the society. Surrender it to your family, relatives or to Child's Care. Its a huge sin to abort an innocent fetus (your killing your own baby). We may have lots of hindrances to face but think that HINDRANCES are GIFTS and NOT TORTURING ourselves. Life couldn't be called LIFE if there is no hindrances. Motherhood, is one of the best gift you'll ever have in life. Neverthless, face the reality and you while find it amazing. That is life. Hindrances is doppelganger of happiness.

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